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  • High efficiency vibrating screen

High efficiency vibrating screen

High efficiency vibrating screen,

High efficiency vibrating screen 

High efficiency vibrating screen is a new and efficient universal screening equipment. The trajectory of the screen box is similar to that of straight line. It has the characteristics of simple structure, large screening ability and low energy consumption and easy maintenance.
High efficiency vibrating screen of sieve machine structure is simple, the screening ability is large and the energy consumption is small, the maintenance is simple, is widely used in mine, coal, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, fire and other industries to large block material and medium and small granular material Of the grading operations. The series of sieve machine power plant with a direct drive motor and ordinary motor drive through the coupling drive two types of indirect drive to meet the different environmental needs; screen surface with metal braid, bar, casting, welding, red Holes and other forms, the screen surface has a single layer structure can also be multi-layer layout, to meet the requirements of different screening operations.
High efficiency vibrating screen surface installation, compared with other similar products has the following characteristics:
1.Small size, large screening capacity;
2.Efficient heavy duty shaker is light weight, easy to install and process layout;
3.Low energy consumption, can save a lot of energy;
4.Low prices, spare parts rarely;
dafabet手机版注册 5.Simple structure, handsome in appearance;

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