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Circular vibrating screen

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Circular vibration screen because of its trajectory approximation to the circle, so referred to as round vibration screen, is a multi-layer, high efficiency and new shaker. The circular vibrating screen adopts the eccentric shaft exciter of the cylinder and the amplitude adjustment of the block. The material sieving line is long and has many sizing specifications. It has the advantages of reliable structure, strong exciting force, high screening efficiency, small vibration noise, Convenient, safe to use and so on.

working principle
is supported by suspension support and pedestal bearing. Suspension supports are fixed on the screen box. The screen box is suspended or supported by the spring. The bearing of the spindle is installed on the screen box. Eccentric weight of the disc mounted on the spindle, with the spindle rotation, resulting in centrifugal inertia force, so that the vibration of the screen box can be free to approximate circular trajectory vibration. Eccentric weight and the bearing center line distance for the excitation eccentricity.

1. Using block eccentricity as the exciting force, exciting force.
2.  screen beams and screen boxes with high strength bolts, simple structure, easy maintenance and quick;
3. Tire coupling, flexible connection, smooth operation;
4. Adopting small amplitude, high frequency and big inclination structure, the machine has the advantages of high screening efficiency, maximum processing, long life, low power consumption and low noise.

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