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Structure of electromagnetic vibration feeder is simple



Electromagnetic vibrating feeder is used to supply the material from the silo or other storage equipment evenly or quantitatively to the receiving equipment.It is the necessary equipment for the automatic operation of the assembly line. is open and closed type. According to the installation can be divided into several types of hanging and desktop. simple structure, easy operation, no lubrication, low power consumption; can be evenly adjusted to the ore; it has been widely used.Electromagnetic vibrating feeder is generally used for loose materials. According to the equipment performance requirements, the design should be designed to minimize the pressure on the tank body, according to the requirements of the factory, the effective discharge of the warehouse material shall not be greater than one quarter of the width of the material flow velocity control at 6 18m / min.
For materials with large feeding capacity, the bottom of the silo of the shall be provided with a sufficient height.In order not to affect the performance of the feeder, the block can not be fixed on the tank. In order to allow the silo to be discharged smoothly, the posterior wall of the silo is preferably designed to be 55-65 degrees.

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